Usability Testing & Analysis

We can test your current site or a proposed new design solution with real users. With today's remote technologies, we don't need to book time in an expensive lab; we can gather valid feedback through the use of several remote tools.

  • Heuristic evaluations. We measure designs or existing websites against best practices or rules of thumb.
  • Contextual inquiry. We watch users interact with your site in their "native environments" - their offices, homes, or on the go with mobile, to perform key tasks. This inquiry allows us to discover hurdles you didn't know were there, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Card sorting. We can get user input when organizing your website to ensure the groupings and labels make sense to the users. The card sort can inform the navigation design and organization of information and tasks.
  • Heatmaps. Where do users actually look on the page? We set users up with a specific task to perform, and let heat mapping software gather data on where users are actually looking and clicking.
  • Navigation validation. Is the way your site is organized working for you? In a navigation study, we see where users look.
  • Usability testing. We can watch users perform tasks with your live site, with proposed redesigned screens, or even rough sketches. Usability testing gives the fullest picture of what is actually happening, but with today's remote technologies, it's more affordable than ever.
  • User surveys. With any usability activity, we can easily include survey questions to gather qualitative feedback and suggestions.
With each usability activity, you get a full report with recommendations you can put into place to make immediate, measurable improvements. We can record the tests so you and your team can see for yourselves. Making improvements before we get to the developers and coders makes sense.