Fiesta Commission

San Antonio's beloved Fiesta Commission has a long history of helping nonprofit organizations through a two-week sprint of festivals, parades, parties, art fairs, and more. Firecat Studio was thrilled to be selected to redesign the Fiesta Commission website and give them a friendly interface - WordPress - to enable nontechnical staff to keep the site up to date.

Central to the redesign was the need for the home page to change seasonally; during the Fiesta run-up and series of events, the primary focus and the vast majority of visitors need to quickly see what events are happening and where. We engineered a database that allows Fiesta to keep up with hundreds of events and their sponsoring organization. The look and feel reflects the energy and celebratory heart of Fiesta.


We also selected and installed a Content Management System (CMS) + E-Commerce System for the Fiesta Store.

Firecat Studio is a proud business member of the Fiesta Commission. Viva Fiesta!