Firecat First Fridays

On the first Friday of most months, Firecat Studio sponsors a coworking learning lunch. These fun, hands-on sessions are a great way to keep up with rapidly changing digital tools and technology - get to know some Firecats and our offerings, and learn from other smart professionals.

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Mobile Device Playdate: Firecat First Friday - Sept 3
No Firecat First Friday gathering in August
Firecat First Friday Guitar Hero + Rock Band Challenge July 2
No Firecat First Friday gathering June 4, 2010
Digital Ethics: First Friday Coworking & Brownbag May 7
No Coworking/Brownbag this Month - Save May 7
Going Mobile: First Friday Coworking & Brownbag 3/5 @ noon
Event Planning is Topic for Friday, 2/5 at Noon
TrendWatch: Branding & Marketing for 2010 and Beyond
Say What? Nov. 6 First Friday Brownbag Lunch