Coworking FAQs

See our News & Events for upcoming Firecat First Friday coworking lunch announcements.

What exactly is coworking?

It's people gathering to do their usual work, just in a new location. It's a growing, worldwide movement, especially relevant for those of us whose jobs involve the phone and computer, allowing us to work from just about anywhere.

Am I supposed to stay all day?

Entirely up to you, any part of the day, or the whole shebang. Many folks drop in for just a quick coffee, or the lunch discussion, others for the happy hour.

Do I need to be a web geek to participate?

No, we welcome all kinds of folks -- accountants, lawyers, artists, architects, journalists, printers, farmers, designers, massage health workers, historians. It helps if you can get stuff accomplished with cell phone and computer, but most people find a few hours spent networking and thinking with a pen and paper can be quite productive.

Is it a big networking fest?

It's pretty relaxed, and if you want to meet others, you can -- but it's not required ;) We maintain a "no pitch zone" but we have seen people find talent, projects, jobs, vendors, and a few enterpreneurs have found investors.

Why do people cowork?

A change of scenery stimulates new ideas and ways of thinking, so coworking tends to breathe life into the way you think and feel about your work. Independents, and telecommuters enjoy a break from the home office. Entrepreneurs, and others thinking about going independent, find lots of advice and warm support. We almost always learn something new at coworking, through what has been called "accelerated serendipity." The right people, with the right information or connections, have a way of coming together when they need to.

Is there a cost?

Not at these sessions at Firecat. We sponsor coworking sessions on the first Friday of each month for the benefits mentioned above. Our team offices at home except for meetings, so we need the contact. Some spaces are "collectives" with a subscription or rental model. This one's free.

Is there coworking at other places?

There sure is, coworking is an emerging trend all over the world. See the coworking wiki for locations and specifics. There are other coworking sessions in San Antonio, dedicated coworking spaces have sprung up in Texas in Austin, Bryan/College Station, and Houston, and more are coming. San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Milan, even Beirut have coworking spaces. In San Antonio, there's the world-class Geekdom in the lovely Weston Centre downtown. Get your work done and some networking too. And it's not just for Geeks; marketers, PR mavens, designers and other entrepreneurs live and thrive there.