Coworking Friday July 6: Interactive Play Date

Summer's here, school's out and it's time to play. Bring your iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry and favorite games for play date. We'll discuss how to learn from gaming to drive business goals. Really!

Play to Learn

On Friday, July 6, as we do each year in summer, we set up the Wii and XBOX360, along with the Kinect, Wii Fit and Rock Bank/Guitar Hero drums, guitars and microphones so we can play, sing, dance and compete. Sure, it's fun - and having fun is one of our goals. But there's a legitimate business incentive to getting together to use and discuss interactive gaming platforms. The gaming industry drives innovation in the design world, and vice versa.

Coworking starts at 10:30 and runs through 3:30. The hardcore working stiffs arrive at NOON and stay through 1:30, our usual lunchtime meeting. At this session, you are welcome to bring your kids - we can learn a lot about computer use from them, as I'm sure you're already aware.