Kerry Watson


Senior Project Manager and Business Architect Kerry Watson brings practical, real-world solutions to life for Firecat clients. A well-known industry expert on the implications of open source development for the business community, hosting and e-commerce solutions, Kerry knows the business web and its latest trends and tools inside and out. Kerry combines the training and discipline of an MBA with a wealth of real-world business experience in technology companies, large organizations and her own bootstrap endeavors. She has many years and hundreds of projects under her belt.


  • Cat herding. Maybe it's her Air Force experience, but Kerry has a way of giving orders in a way that makes everyone relax and get it done, from clients to designers to coders to vendors.
  • Business requirements ninja. She cuts to the heart of what's important, with a ruthless focus on the client's bottom line.
  • Making silk purses from sows' ears. Kerry saves clients significant cash and time with open source systems and by adapting and vitalizing legacy systems.
  • Translator/Trainer. She's a popular, internationally recognized writer about technology for non-technical users and loves to empower clients with tech tools. If you want to DIY, see her fabulous Show Me Guides. But if you want help from the source, she's right here!

Career Highlights

  • 14 years as a web project manager and web business analyst for clients including Netscape, AOL, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, GSD&M.
  • Kerry has authored more than a dozen user-friendly books on technical programs including OSCommerce, Zen Cart, and Magento.
  • Nationally syndicated web columnist for Jupiter Media’s and on open source ecommerce business topics.
  • Holds an MBA from Texas State University and Bachelor’s Degree from St. Edward’s University.

A naturalized Texan of 25+ years standing, Kerry lives in the Texas Hill Country of Dripping Springs when she's not chilling with her horse at her second home in Mexico. A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Kerry enjoys auto racing, skydiving, and getting a proposal or software release in just under the wire.