Sara Foley Yonker

Sara Foley Yonker - Content and Media Specialist 

Content creator and strategist Sara Foley Yonker began her career in newspaper journalism and is an expert storyteller.

Her fearless, savvy approach to digital work and marketing ensures she can leverage the strengths of any platform or channel. She's expert at interviewing business clients to capture their unique differentiators in a way that gets our clients plenty of earned media coverage. Her social media posts are pitch-perfect to the client's brand, and sure get liked, seen, and shared.

With her extensive journalism experience and network of PR and media professionals, she's likely one or two degrees from a great media contact who'd love to run your story. Her communications/PR plans expertly blend traditional and digital media tactics.

Sara is also an expert online researcher, with experience in a variety of industries, including startups/entrepreneurs, education, nonprofits, government and politics. She has pounded many a city council beat, has her finger on the pulse of a community, and finds talking points that turn elections.

A proud graduate of Texas A&M, Sara spends her time with her husband Chris and their two young boys. She's based in San Antonio.