Alex Anitei

Alex Anatei

Alex Anitei oversees our heavy-lifting, database-integrated development projects, especially those involving robust e-commerce systems, CRM or ERP.

Alex gained deep experience with large, complex e-commerce B2C as the chief technologist for Steve, a popular shoe brand in North America. Alex was tasked with replatforming and taking it from a $300,000 a year in sales to their "stretch" goal of $2M in the first year on the new platform. Alex exceeded the "stretch" goal by a factor of 10, and the replatformed site brought in $20M in its first year of sales. Along the way, Alex learned a lot about e-commerce, integration with inventory systems, fulfillment, customer service, metrics, and how SEO works on large scale e-commerce sites.

Since then, Alex has put that knowledge to work on dozens of other successful e-commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) projects, as part of the Firecat team and for other clients.

He loves creating an entire, seamless online presence that gives organizations the ability to mine their data for Business Intelligence trends, experiment, learn, and measure results in inexpensive online channels where transactions are so measurable. Data tells a story - and Alex loves setting up and tuning a system so that the business sponsors and strategists are able to react flexibly to market conditions and trends, and to steer the business where they want it to go.

Alex earned a Computer Science degree from Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Romania in 2001. He keeps up to date with the latest trends in web integration projects. He lives in Bucharest with his cat, XOR. (And in case you wondered, yes, that IS an inside programmer joke, and Alex IS that much of a geek.)