Rebecca Reser


Content strategist, business and metrics analyst, events specialist, perceptive learner, creative and analytical thinker, world traveler and certified math geek, Rebecca is our secret weapon for analytics and SEO.

  • She loves setting up integrated online marketing and communication ecosystems.
  • Excels at leveraging an inbound marketing platform and/or a customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • Want a clear dashboard of the key metrics you need to effectively run your business and not have it run you? Rebecca builds those and can show you how to rock it.
  • She's our Google Analytics, AdWords, online marketing and keyword research specialist.
  • She has a keen design eye, and creates logos, infographics, banner ads and optimizes page layouts.

Rebecca is an entrepreneur and world traveler. Rebecca has a degree in International Relations from the University of Texas at Austin, studied in Madrid and Germany - and spent some time working in China. She's a dog person, with two American Eskimos keeping her company in her office.