Firecat Studio was founded in January 2008. Here's the backstory.

Founder & CEO Susan Price is a serial entrepreneur who founded her first communications company at age 19 and has bootstrapped several startups successfully, primarily taking advantage of emerging communications technologies.

Desktop publishing.

While working as a typesetter and media conversion specialist, Susan was assigned the project "The Macazine" and set type for that publication's inaugural issue. The Macazine covered fonts, curling quote marks, and other niceties that sounded suspiciously like the typesetting Susan was doing on a big, expensive mainframe computer. She went out and bought a Fat Mac, the first of many, and launched Susan Price & Associates to help clients learn and adopt the new technology to produce publications.


Susan Price & Associates shared office space on S. Congress Avenue in Austin with a bunch of smart people, including Julie Gomoll of Go Media. Austin was at the center of the web revolution, and Susan and her friends had at least second-row seats. SP&A began building business websites in 2003.

Corporate gig.

In 1997, Susan was expecting her son, working away for clients at SP&A. She planned for the new baby to lie quietly in a Moses basket at her feet while she continue to do business. Matt (said baby) had other ideas. Susan decided to go to work for her largest client at the time, USAA, where she learned from more amazing people, pioneered and learned a lot about enterprise-size web operations.


In 2004, the baby entered kinder, and Susan entered the entrepreneurial space again. She teamed up with fellow USAA alums Mandi Harrell Leman and Chris McDermott to form MediaRich - a digital design agency. Mandi envisioned and designed what is now Firecat Studio's offices and was brilliant at finding and nurturing relationships with talented creatives worldwide. Chris was responsible for much of our technical infrastructure, our customer service as well as the "have fun" focus. We had a great run together, learning from one another all the while.

Coworking, Collaboration, Community.

In 2008, Susan spun off as Firecat Studio, adopting and embracing the distributed, remote-teaming model while bringing the team and the community together at Firecat Studio with monthly coworking sessions and other industry events.

We recognize that it's nearly impossible to stay up to date with all the tools, technologies and techniques that make digital presence happen - so we get together with other smart professionals all the time. We hire other smart professionals for our project teams. And we are still having a ton of fun.

The name Firecat Studio.

How'd we come up with this name? Cats and Fire have specific positive meaning for Susan. From a young age, she wanted to BE a cat, and continues to identify closely with their curiosity, flexibility and cattitude (though she also has a beagle named Lucy). Fire represents our transformational energy. And hey, if you really strongly dislike cats, feel free to imagine that the Firecat is a cat actually on fire.

Oh yeah, regarding that rumor that Susan and McD just brainstormed different concepts and checked for a memorable domain name until one came up available? What do you think?