Get more customers with a focused strategy.

Firecat puts you in control of your online presence so you can improve your bottom line.

Websites, mobile & apps, social media, email.

Aligned with business goals. Working together seamlessly. Firecat helps you select and integrate places, platforms, and tools, and gives you the strategy, processes and training to keep it in sync and up to date.


Beautiful, effective design starts with architecture, not fonts, logos and colors. Form and function working together is truly gorgeous.


More choices than ever before. The right tools make a huge difference to your project, your time, and your bottom line.


Who is interacting with you? What do you want them to do? How well is it working? Measure and monitor, learn, and continually improve.

We Keep Up With Changing Technologies

Technology, especially web technology, is changing faster and faster. We keep up with it by collaborating — we sponsor open coworking sessions, meetups and conferences, and we’re always adding new, smart people to our team and network.

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Firecat First Friday, August 7: Launching an Amazon Store

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Firecat First Friday

Ready for a responsive, mobile-friendly website?

A responsive website works well on phones and tablets as well as larger screens. Check ours on your own phone.  Hold your device “portrait” and “landscape.” Or if you don’t have a phone or tablet handy, try sizing your browser window narrower.

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What our customers say about us

Nothing makes us happier than happy clients.

Chuck and Sharon Knibbe, Knibbe Ranch We’re always so proud to show off our beautiful website design. We get tons of compliments. It really reflects Knibbe Ranch, our history, and the events that are held here. Keep up the good work, Firecats!
Cheryl C. Jones, Simply the Best Results When I need you, you guys are always there. You never make me feel dumb for asking questions. And the longer we work together, the smarter my questions become!
Chris Yonker, Dewbre Petroleum It's a pleasure to work with a web design team that truly believes in our mission and works with us to deliver more. Your ability to recommend the right tools was exactly what we needed.

Ready to work with Firecat? Choose your path.

Digital strategy is within reach for most projects. Start with consulting to get a solid plan in place, or to take your internal team to the next level. 

A Little Help
Assessments and Audits
Project Plans and Requirements
Digital and Content Strategy
Coaching and Advice
Expert Design & Strategy
Information Architecture
Web Strategy & Digital Branding
Wireframes & Sketches
Usability Studies
User Personas & Scenarios
Web, Mobile, EMail, Social
Website Design & Development
Select & Integrate Web Technology
Manage your Social Media Presence

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