One of our favorite things about working on the web is how measurable everything is. It's one thing to build a groovy website, and quite another type of thrill to see it actually racking up mission-critical sales or other stats for our clients.

Google Analytics

Most users use Google, and that's no accident. Google does the best job of giving users the quality content they're searching for. And we like Google as a company, because they're making it easy for you, and us web designers, to understand how users find your site, and what they do - exactly - once they get there.

If you haven't taken a tour of what Google Analytics (and other good web metrics packages like WebTrends and SiteCatalyst) can show you, you're in for a treat. We can know:

  • What search strings people typed in to find your site with Google
  • What type of computer or smart phone, browser software, and version they used
  • How long they stayed on any one page
  • What pages they visited in the same "visit"
  • What city they live in
  • What links they clicked
  • How much they purchased
  • How far along your marketing funnel they got

and lots and lots of other goals and specific intelligence.

Metrics Planning and Analysis

So way before any of this happens, we work with you to set measurable goals and create a dashboard so you can see how well a website is performing. Or your Facebook page, with its similar "Insights" data at your fingertips.

Most good digital agencies do that - but where we're a bit different is, we are happy to help you learn to read the reports yourself. It's not hard, and you learn oh-so-much about your customers, prospects, clients, visitors by watching and learning from what they do.

Free Consultation

To get the most out of the free consultation we offer - give us access to your Google Analytics if it's already installed. We can tell a lot in just a few minutes. Schedule your consultation today!