Firecat First Fridays

On the first Friday of most months, Firecat Studio sponsors a coworking and brown bag learning lunch. We've found the best way to keep up with rapidly changing digital tools and technology is to get together and learn from other smart folks. Join us for these informal sessions and meet the Firecats and other nice folks.

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Personal Productivity Tools & Techniques
DIY E-Commerce Revealed - Friday, December 6
Modern Usability Practices - Friday, November 1
Sales Tips We All Need - Friday, October 4
Inbound Marketing Systems - Friday, September 6
Dynamic Website Prototyping - August 2
Tablets and Smart Phones Playdate - Coworking June 7
Facebook Ads & Promoted Posts - Friday, May 3
April Free Lunch Workshop: Inspiration and Opportunities
Friday Free Workshop: Journey to Excellence Road Map