Jenia Espe

Sara Foley Yonker - Content and Media Specialist 

Jenia Espe specializes in managing the business of design -- ensuring design strategy pays off big for our clients.

To pull that off, she taps her deep background managing design, strategy and usability research teams in Fortune 100 companies. Her track record for success. 

Born and raised in Russia, the granddaughter of an aeronautics engineer who co-created the Sputnik program, Jenia emigrated to the U.S. as a business student and found so much opportunity she decided to stay.

She's an expert facilitator who gets right to the heart of the issues that matter. She sequences activities in a project to make measurable, meaningful progress.

Jenia's bachelor's degree is in economics; she earned an MBA and is a certified coach. Jenia spends her time with her husband Arne and their grown children. She's based in San Antonio.